Venus Starlight is a multi-dimensional healer, counsellor and life coach, weaving intergalactic experiences into day-to-day life.


She uses a variety of techniques to help people liberate themselves from toxic patterns and step into their true power.

If I asked you; what is your purpose? Would you know?


For a long time I didn't. I walked around this earth feeling lost, incomplete and unsatisfied. I lost my sense of self and direction in life.


That's changed. Today I know my purpose, loud and clear.


I am here to help others face their demons in the same way that I have (and continue to) face mine.

Throughout my adolescence I learnt first hand what it meant to be stuck in toxic patterns, sabotaging my life with alcohol and drugs, and spiralling into a depression so desperate that I no longer wanted to be here.


Through my own experience of recovery I have been able to identify the patterns within myself that lead to my destructive behaviour. I learnt to get comfortable with my darker aspects, my shadow self. I learnt how to create space within myself to hear my own truths (especially the painful ones). I learnt how to hold space for my inner child and to re-write the stories she was telling me so that I could become empowered, strong and wise.


Having done all of this for myself, I can hold space for all of this for you, too. Your darkness doesn’t scare me, nothing is “too much”. I will dance in your darkness with you and bring you back into the light.

I’m a qualified counsellor with a gypsy soul. I use holistic methods alongside psychodynamic approaches of therapy to empower people to live to their fullest potential.


If you would like to know more about me find my story below.

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Have you ever felt a lack of fulfilment and purpose in your life?



Have you ever felt you were meant for more than what life is currently offering you?



Have you ever felt a deep calling for something but didn’t know what?